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Vasuki group of companies is a leading solutions provider in Electrical Energy ,Utilities and Conservation.Vasuki offers electrical Engineering Procurements and Contracts with High quality, Cost effective solutions to the needs of the customers.Vasuki delivers Innovative, Practical, Prompt and Pioneer services in all operations.Vasuki in the Pursuit of the Perfection, could do and did a lot difference in the above field

Vasuki is the brainchild of Mr. V. Suresh Babu and was established in the year 1996. A man of integrity and solidarity Mr. V. Suresh Babu has led from the front over the last decade to build a company that stands for quality and uncompromising work. Mr. V. Suresh Babu is also a good Samaritan and a service oriented person who has been graced with several awards for his work on and off the field..

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